Sun of the West

Sun of the West

By Shugri Salh Art by Kaelin Yumi Hall-Gardner
Salute the Sun of the west.

I made it to the top of the hill, allured by your beauty and abundance.
Sickness has weakened my once vibrant body, so I have come for your healing.
My heart beats fast and irregular, forgetting what it is like to get lost in your depths.

In my days of unwellness, I longed for the mundane normalcy of life and our daily reunion.
But you, my dear failing sun, are worth the effort in sickness and in health.
With you I feel alive, present, and my troubles abate.
With you I feel happy and content.
I am grateful for this brief visit for I know nothing should be taken for granted.
I feel your warm rays entering my body and it feels good.

By the time you cycle back, I will have offered up one of my organs in exchange for health.
By time you cycle back, there will be a new me.
There is no question fear looms on the horizon, but so does hope.
To that, I say Salam to a new beginning and Amen to new health.
So thank you for enchanting me with your beauty once again this evening.
So long, my dear beautiful orange sun, might the blessing of my ancestors be upon both of us.

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The sun deserves to be loved, and you too deserve to love her. When she comes out in the morning, she greets and grins at all living things, like a person coming home after a very long journey to his loved ones. And when she falls, she says goodbye to the living, being sad to leave, and bids them farewell with a kiss, a smile, and a little worry, saying like Shakespeare: "Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Sufyan Said Mohamed

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